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  5. "Chuala mé í."

"Chuala í."

Translation:I heard her.

December 1, 2014



So would I heard him be Chuala mé é??


yes, or hearing it ;-)


What's the root word of "chuala"? Is it one we've seen before (e.g. clois?)


chuala is the past tense of clois/cluin


Thanks for that. Whenever I get a new word, I put it in a document I've created that I use as my Irish grammar and dictionary. I like to keep the various forms of a word with the root word. I don't even know if root word is the correct term, but that's what I call 'em.


What about "mhoithigh mé"? I heard it a couple of times.


That would be mhothaigh mé.

I think it has a slightly narrower sense of being aware of a sound that is being made, rather than hearing and responding to someone's voice.


It's actually mhoithigh mé. I heard it from Seán Ó hÉinirí, he pronounced it something like "woeekh'ee". In the transcript of Scéalta Chois Cladaigh by Séamas Ó Catháin it is, at least. Take a look at this: https://ancroiait.wordpress.com/category/scealta-chois-cladaigh/


That page uses both spellings - mhothaigh sé an páiste ag caoineadh and mhoithigh sé na mná ag caint are adjacent to each other.

I'm pretty sure it's the same word, just a variant spelling, and clearly in that speaker's dialect it has a slightly wider meaning than I indicated above.

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