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Timed practice and length of translations....

Hey all,

It seems like I'm getting way more long translations in the timed practice than in un-timed.

Worse, the last couple of times, they were loaded with long, difficult to type words like necessary, restaurant, etc, making it a key-mashing, head-against-against-the-wall frustration rather than a challenge that feels winnable or enjoyable.

I switch back to un-timed, and suddenly there's a much higher percentage of fill-in's, multiple-choice, etc.

I'm not really that upset with having a challenge. It's just that challenge needs to feel both fair and attainable.

Dan O.

July 9, 2013



there is definitely room for improvement in the "lesson practice". I get (1) some sentences over and over, even though I get them right (2) I get sentences with words and grammar I havent covered yet (3) some sentences are super long and are impossible to type right even if one knows them. And (4) huge parts of my vocabulary never comes up unless I go back and redo old lessons.


Yes, I also find that there's not enough time to type long sentences in timed practice.

First you have to listen to the sentence, then type it all in without any typos... It would be OK if the clock gave you more time based on the length/number of syllables, but currently the difficulty of the longer typing exercises is way off compared to the other tasks. (My impression is that we get the same amount of time to translate something simple like "You have a cat" and something much more complicated like "What is the newspaper that the tall man is reading to his daughter?")

Sometimes I give up even on the first question, because I know there's no way I can work out the translation and type it all in in the available time. That's not a challenge that feels motivating!


Agreed, the point of gamifying learning should be to motivate people to continue, not discourage and frustrate.

Part of my biggest frustration is that the challenges seem to be one of how fast you can type with the fewest errors than one of knowledge. It has an odd feel to it that seems almost rigged and unfair, like asking a physicist "what are Newtons laws of motion in 10 seconds... Go!" which is something even the most knowledgeable physicists couldn't possibly do.

I want to test my knowledge, but this mechanic does't allow me to prove my knowledge.

Dan O.


Those words were repeated often, around 2/3 of the questions repeated the same words.

I suspect they were flagged because I got them wrong, but I got them wrong originally because I make typos when I'm trying to pound out 50 characters in 20 seconds, not because I don't know the words.

It just seemed to make it worse, I got a couple long and difficult questions on practice, and the response to getting them wrong was to have them repeated enough to fill 2/3 of my practices. :/

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