"Hon skriver under brevet."

Translation:She is signing the letter.

December 1, 2014

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Just like the German "unterschreiben", only as a compound word!


To me it sounds like she is actually saying: 'she writes under the letter' because the stress is on 'under'. Am I correct in thinking that? If so, where should the stress be otherwise?


The stress is on the particle 'under', because it is a particle-verb, which gets its specific meaning through the particle, in this case 'under'. Skriva under = sign (put your name on, to certify)


I should also say, IF the sentence is about her 'writing on the table under the letter' - then we stress first 'skriver' and I would probably also have a secondary stress on 'bordet', NO stress on 'under', but some stress on 'brevet' that is the last word in the sentence.


I assume these comments were about the old voice. Unfortunately the new voice incorrectly puts the emphasis on skriver.

I'd thought that didn't sound right, and checked the comments to find out. Thanks friswing for the confirmation.

Incidentally, in formal English documents you sometimes encounter the phrase "We, the undersigned, ..." to refer to the people who've signed it. (And the emphasis in that English word is on under.)


Yes, you are correct! The new voice has unfortunately the wrong stress.


I've just heard 'Hon skriver hundar brevet' XD


It really sounds like what she is saying translates to: she writes under the letter.


If you look at it literally, it becomes reasonably evident that that's how this phrasing originated (same for the German unterschreiben). When you sign something, your signature goes at the end of whatever you're attaching it to, and is thus under the rest of the document.


That's true but I think she meant that under is not stressed here as it should be. Therefore, the translation to English should be She writes under the letter, which is, however, not accepted.


So if "skriver" by itself means write, then "skriver under" together means signs, or to sign?


Yes, that is correct! And 'skriver under' can also be used in a metaphorical sense, if you agree with somebody (orally), saying "Ja, det kan jag skriva under på"

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