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  5. "Die Hemden sind nicht blau."

"Die Hemden sind nicht blau."

Translation:The shirts are not blue.

July 9, 2013



What would be the difference between: "Die Hemden sind nicht blau" and "Die Hemden sind kein blau"? Is the last one wrong?


As fas, as I know, You must use 'kein' to negate a noun. The last sentence negates the color, not the noun itself. That's why I think its wrong.


It says "Die Hemden" could mean shirts and undershirts/undervests (whateveer that means?) ? So I could use this word to refer to like a regular t-shirt and an undershirt/vest?


I'm not sure if this is applicable everywhere in Germany, but we use das Hemd for shirts with buttons on the front (and we have die Bluse for a blouse). An Undershirt is referred to as das Unterhemd, though it's common for undershirts for women to be called only das Hemd, too – or often das Damen-Hemd if you're shopping. We have das Polohemd for polo shirts, though the expression das Poloshirt is also used. T-shirts are usually called the same: das T-Shirt. So I would not translate Hemd with t-shirt.


Why again "Die and not "Das" if shirt is neuter?


Das Hemd - The shirt, Die Hemden - The shirts. Remember the article is die when the subject is plural. =)


Oh righto! Thanks for clarifying! :)


I suggest to go ahead and visit Google translate and learn all the colors now, they are very easy to learn.


I think that "The shirts ain't blue" should be considered right.


AIN'T applies to singular nouns. You can say "The shirts AREN'T blue"


Eh? ain't is also used with plural subjects, as far as I know.

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