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"Kattene har forskellige farver."

Translation:The cats have got different colors.

December 1, 2014



Hvornår burger jeg ''anderledes'' og hvornår ''forskellig'' ?


I think that anderledes means different as in "not normal", while forskellig is used for a difference between two things. But I'm not sure.


I think "forskellig" is more similar to "various".


Can this sentence be translated 'The cats are different colours'? 'Have' or 'have got different colours' sounds very odd in English.


Yuo are on the right track, zlreitz! Another (en anderledes) way of seperation the two words (exampel): "Bikes and cars are different (=forskellige) means of transportation. In a collection of blue T-shirts they almost all have a breast pocket, but two T-shirts are 'anderledes', because they dont have a breast pocket." Bikes and cars are 'forskellige', T-❤❤❤❤❤ are T-shirts, but not all look the same, some are 'anderledes'. 'Forskellig' is also often used as in the following exampel: "The gardener grows many different (=forskellige) plants and he loves it. His neighbour is 'anderledes', he only loves to grow wheat. Also his wife is 'anderledes': She is a heavyweight boxer and loves to knock-out her competitors" So you see, 'forskellig' bears the meaning of 1) a different kind 2) various (objects), while 'anderledes' bears the meaning of the same kind, but not with the the normal or expected look, smell, use ... etc. In 67% of the sentenses where DL uses the word 'anderledes' I myself would say 'forskellig'. Yes it's tricky, but don't vorry too much about it - the Danes will understand you no matter which of the two words you use. (I'm a native Danish speaker)


Not sure that "have got" is proper grammar. Sounds wrong to my ear.


I imagine it's more common in England to say "have got" than in the US.


I can confirm that it is very common in England. In fact I'd say that, in my experience and region, "I've got" is used much more than "I have", which sounds a bit formal to my ear.


Totally, "I have" sounds formal and a bit archaic - something I'd hear from older generations but not from anyone under 40. Probably differs in different areas, but "I've got" is the norm around here.


Nevertheless, "have" should be accepted.


color is American spelling, colour is the English spelling

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