"He was swimming in the sea all of last year."

Translation:Han gik og svømmede i havet hele sidste år.

December 1, 2014

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Is anyone but me having a terrible time deciding when to use all the various expressions that are used to translate progressive from English to Danish? I feel like I'm just guessing every single time among være i færd med at, være i gang med at, sidder og [verb], står og [verb], går og [verb], and var ved at [verb]. I've spent a couple of weeks on this lesson now and feel I'm not learning anything except how to be patient and retype until I guess it right. Aren't there some guidelines we could use to decide which expression to use? This is so discouraging. I feel I'm getting nowhere!


I understand you completely, KatherieMaas (I'm a Dane!). Duo is so eager to stress if something is going on right now, not only in Danish, but in English too. I think that in 90% of the cases the "side, gå og stå" is un-necessary and un-natural as well!


Thanks for your reply, thormodia! It's especially gratifying to hear this from a Dane!


Duo, please stop it! You are too eager to stress the present and thus you make un-natural sentences, which are not helpful! In this sentence "gik" is completely missplaced and shouldn't be there! (say a Dane).


He must have been pretty tired when he finally came out!


Why is it not helt sidste ar?


"Han LÅ og svømmede i havet hele sidste år"?

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