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  5. "We do not encourage them."

"We do not encourage them."

Translation:Wij moedigen hen niet aan.

December 1, 2014



if "them"is translated "hun"or "hen", why "hen" is accepted here, but "hun"is not? i translated"wij moedigen hun niet aan" and it was marked wrong


I know you posted this a year ago, but still.

It is because hen is used when "them" is a direct object, and hun is used for an indirect object.

Ze vroeg hun of ze mee wilden komen. (indirect object, because the direct object of "asking" is what you are asking for -in this case "of ze mee wilden komen").

We verwachtten hen. (Here "hen" is the direct object of verwachtten, b/c it's who/what you were waiting for).


In that article it says "hun is always 'correct'." (grumpy face)


Use 'hen'

  1. if it is a direct object (accusative): 'Zij kust hen - she kisses them';

  2. if it is an indirect object (dative) after a preposition 'Ik geef het boek aan hen - I give the book to them'; 'Ik deed het voor hen - I did it for them'.

Use 'hun' if it is an indirect object without a preposition: 'Geef hun een biertje - give them a beer'

To circumvent the problem use for both the unstressed form of 'zij' (nominative): 'ze':

'Hij heeft ze bemind - he loved them; Ik heb ze een brief geschreven - I wrote them a letter'.

'Hun/hen' is only applicable if it refers to persons. In all other cases use: 'ze'.

'Hun' is also the the third-person plural possessive pronoun: their.

The 'hun/hen-difference' is artificial, invented in the 17th century by the prescriptive grammarian Christiaen van Heule. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hun#Dutch. More information in the Dutch Wikipedia https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hen/hun-onderscheid.

Another very useful site in Dutch: https://onzetaal.nl/taaladvies/advies/hun-hen


Why doesn't "We moedigen ze niet aan" work


Please report it, because your translation is right.


wij steunen hem niet


Steunen means to support which isn't the same as to encourage. Also "hem" mean him, not them.

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