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"We can play the flute and the violin."

Translation:Vi kan spela flöjt och fiol.

December 1, 2014



Can't one say flöjten och violinen in that case?


No, preferrably not. Swedish doesn't use definitive for what instruments you can play.

If you use it in this sentence, it'd mean that you play a very specific flute and a very specific violin and that the listener probably knows what you're talking about.


Och vi kan dansa andra hållet, andra hållet, andra hållet... :)


Vi äro musikanter :D


Why isn't the perfectly acceptable, and probably much more common usage, English sentence "We can play flute and violin" used here? Or is this just another case where we're getting hit over the head with some lesson about never using -en for musical instruments?


That sounds like American English. In British English you'd always use the definite article.


Suppossedly, Duolingo is based on American English, not British... :/


For what it's worth, I think that it would be beneficial to switch the default translation to removing the definite articles in english.

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