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"This region is part of my domain."

Translation:Esta região é parte do meu domínio.

July 9, 2013



As far as I understood, the use of definite articles before possessive pronouns is rather arbitrary. In European Portuguese, "o meu domínio" is more common whereas Brazilians (depending on the region) prefer "meu domínio". So would "Esta região é parte dE meu domínio." also be correct or is the definite article mandatory in this case?


You can use DE but you'll hear more often DO


Obrigada. I will stick to the DO then - the DE causes breaking hearts and crying owls.


But when we have "preposition + possessive" we usually add the article


Sorry Paulenrique, I hit the down arrow by mistake. This discussion as been going on for a while, and your posting here helps clarify things. Preposition + possessive wants to have the article. That will help if only I can remember it. Got to keep the owl happy.


i always get confused with using " do, da, de"

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