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"I would talk to them for two hours and nothing else."

Translation:Eu conversaria com elas por duas horas e nada mais.

July 9, 2013



I can only suppose the English sentence should be "I would talk to them for two hours and no more". Does anyone have a better idea?


I agree that this is the most natural translation


Sounds good to me, Davu. "Nothing else" definitely strikes my ear as odd in this context.


I haven't seen this sentence for a few months and now I wonder if "I would talk to them for two hours and that's all" isn't a better fit. It's a question of whether the restriction is on the activity or the time.


As an English speaker, I would probably say, "I would speak to them for two hours and no more."


That would also be good.


Does "Eu conversaria com elas por duas horas e nada mais." mean that you would only talk to them for 2 hours, not 3 or 4.

Or does it mean that you'd only talk to them, not give them money, not help with with their manual labor, etc. Only talking ?


I fear that Duolingo tried to write it to mean the first option but it actually means the second one. I say that because, just like in English, there are better ways to word it to clarify the meaning, such as por duas horas e não mais (two hours and no more) or por duas horas e só (two hours and that's it) C:


I understood it like: I would talk to them for two hours and nothing else (as in we won't do anything besides talking)


I thought, all at once, "That's a weird sentence," "It implies something other than 'two hours and no longer' (e.g. 'talk for two hours AND something else') but I don't know what)," or possibly "I would talk to them for two hours and that's all I'd do." But if "mais" means "more," then I think they want it to mean "no longer" (or "no more" or "that's all").


eu tambem MarieLou7.

The context is just that. the speaker is indicating he/she will talk for 2 hours and will not do anything other than that: talk. So, 'nothing more' isn't precise enough. Though, this is getting granular now.


The English is wrong anyway.


Does this mean for those two hours I did nothing but talk to them or does it mean I talked to them for two hours and not a minute more?


Your second option ;)


Obrigada pela clarificação


Why is this wrong? Eu falaria com eles por dois horas e nada mais

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