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  5. "Wij reizen met de veerboot."

"Wij reizen met de veerboot."

Translation:We travel by ferry.

December 2, 2014



The ferry is our travelling companion?


No it is our means of transport.


The translation given was "We travel with the ferry." That doesn't mean "We travel by ferry."


Ah I see.... I was already wondering what you were referring to.


If you were talking about a travelling companion, would you use bij or met?


You would use met as well. If you want to avoid using met for both the companion and the means of transport, you can use per for the means of transport (using per is a bit more formal).

  • ik reis met Sandra met de boot = ik reis met Sandra per boot = I travel with Sandra by boat
  • ik ga (samen) met Willem op de fiets = I go (together) with Willem by bike


"By the ferry boat" is marked wrong :(


I'd never heard of the word "ferryboat" before. I think most native speakers would consider "boat" redundant as all ferries are waterborne vessels.


Backwards in the similar question where Dutch of "We travel with the ferry" is asked, "Wij reizen met de veerboot" is not accepted. I'm 100% sure. Duolingo prompts to use "Wij reizen per veerboot." It's all a mess for me now. Any further explanation is highly appreciated.


Met de is accepted in all alternative accepted translations, Wij reizen met de veerboot is one of those accepted translations. I suspect you made another mistake as well, and for some reason the correct translation shown was using per instead of met de.

  • Wij reizen met de veerboot = Wij reizen per veerboot = We travel by ferry

Keep in mind that you never use an article after per. I'd say the best translation of per is by means of it also contains the same more formal connotation, although it's sometimes used in less formal contexts in Dutch as well.


Thank you Susande. :)

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