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  5. "She likes his career."

"She likes his career."

Translation:Hun kan godt lide hans karriere.

December 2, 2014



What are you trying to imply Duolingo? Got this same sentence way too many times.


Would sin work here?


no, since we are not talking about the subject's career (she) but the subject's friend (hans).


What's the difference between "hun kan lide" and "hun kan godt lide"?


There is no difference. It is not wrong using one or the other and one is not better than the other. Just 2 ways to say the same thing but kan godt lide is more precise. It adds a little something personal. Danes love adverbs and have a big collection of useless one they use constantly. You get used to it after some time.

But think of sit down, come over here etc. It is the same in all languages.


Why is it not "hendes"?


Because it is "his" carreer. Hendes is feminine Hans is masculine. Hun kan godt lide hendes karriere means she likes her career ( not her own one but the career of another woman). Here she likes the career of a man.

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