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Grammar lessons as in the German learning

I'm just wondering if there will be some sort of grammar tutorial for the french language?

It is quite hard to all the time guess why some combinations of words are right or wrong, or all the time check for different sources that doesn't match the current duolingo lesson.

It would be great with short language lessons for each chapter!

October 19, 2012



lumogas, we do indeed read it—I am a designer here. We also plan on improving the discussion area of the site so that it is easier for the team and you guys to discuss more together.

A big priority for us is coming up with ways to make the Duolingo experience more varied. I have made it pretty far in the skill tree, and I know that it can feel like you are doing the same thing for a long time (translating, speaking, and listening to random sentences).

This is a good way to see new words and refresh ones you've already learned, but I think it falls short at making you to articulate your own ideas in the target language. This is something you obviously get by speaking with a native, and an area I would really like to see us improve at Duolingo. It is also something that I have not seen any language learning methods execute well, so it will be a tough challenge.


I asked the same question. It is very difficult to learn a language without having any explanation of rules.


On the other hand that's just how we all learn our mother tongue. Try it and see.


This is not true. When learning any language those you are speaking to will more often then not correct you and explain WHY you are wrong.


Actually, we don't learn a mother tongue by translating sentences. At any rate, I am sure I didn't. I have tried Duolingo for a while now, and agree that the lack of proper examples is becoming increasingly frustrating, and better method to demonstrate the rules is necessary. I am also finding it is reaching the limits of its appeal. If the model is based on keeping us coming back to do translations, based on the motivation achieved by a sense of progress, I believe the limitations of the current model are becoming apparent. Duolingo is a great idea guys, keep improving it! I want it to work! (Do any Duolingo people read this at all?)

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