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hearts only when testing out?

Hej, I’ve been noticing posts about hearts, and how they disappear if you make mistakes and you have to start over again if you’re out of hearts. I’ve also seen them when testing out of an English skill. But I’ve never seen hearts in my Swedish course… it’s just a green bar at the top, that fills up or empties out again according to if you have the questions correct. Why is this? I have just tested it, and when I try to test out of skills I do get the hearts. Is it supposed to be like that? Does everyone just try to test out all the time that I hear so much about it?

December 2, 2014



I think this is a feature of an A/B test which some have and others do not have.


No, I get hearts in every lesson. I've never seen any green bar.


Congratulations! You're in an A/B test. Now, what your description gives me, I'm getting jealous ;)


Aaah so it's a test! I don't know if I am positive about it. On the one hand, it causes a lot less frustration. On the other; maybe I would learn better if I had to retake lessons? But then, the lessons do take longer when I make mistakes, for every mistake I have to do a sentence correct to fill the bar back up.


What happens if the bar goes empty? Nothing, I guess. I guess it depends if you start off with some of the green bar full, or else your first phrase could end the lesson for you.


I don't know, I've never had that happen! I'm going to try now, for science. (you start of with an empty bar, the lesson ends when the bar is full) EDIT: nothing happens... you just don't progress in the lesson.


If the bar starts empty, then I'm certain nothing happens. No way they would let you lose on question one.


I still have hearts in my Swedish course. I have noticed that some of the other A/B tests are done in the courses from English but not in the courses to English.

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