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  5. "Ele trabalha bastante."

"Ele trabalha bastante."

Translation:He works a lot.

July 9, 2013



"Enough" is given as a possible translation, but "He works enough" was not a correct answer


Ele trabalha bastante. = He works a lot. Bastante here works as advérbio/adverb.

Ele trabalha o bastante. = He works enough. And here it work as substantivo/noun preceded by the article "o".

I have fun imagining a child coloring a square in an activities book. In the first case, the child painted not only the square but perhaps the whole page. In the second one, just the square was painted.

You'll have the same structure with different verbs, for example [ele]: fala (speaks), pensa (thinks), come (eats), etc.


"Bastante" may mean enough, but not in this example. You'll learn more in following discussions


I believe QUITE was one usages in a previous lesson!? Bastante bem.....


Can you please tell me when you use muito or bastante


You can think of them as synonyms, they both mean a great amount of something.

'Bastante' however comes from the verb 'bastar' (to suffice, be enough). So 'bastante' can give the idea of having this great amount of something that is so great and then enough.

You'll probably hear more often "Eu gosto muito de você." and "Já comemos bastante." "Eu gosto bastante de você." and "Já comemos muito" are also correct of course! Most of the times those sentences mean the same thing, but there can be a slight/subtle difference of meaning. I personally use "muito" more frequently.

I'd recommend this dictionary: http://www.priberam.pt/dlpo/


they are interchangeable! =)


I just looked it up .....BASTANTE means "enough"......not "a lot"

  • bastante = much
  • bastantes = many
  • o bastante = enough


What is the 'o' in 'o bastante' and why do you need it? Zbianca said it was some kind of noun in the sentence "ele trabalha o bastante", but the English translation only has one noun, 'he'. ???


It gave me "He works much" as the translation. I can't think of any instance where a native English speaker would say that. "Enough" was rejected.


He works plenty was rejected

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