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"Deze zeehonden houden veel van de Nederlandse duinen."

Translation:These seals love the Dutch dunes a lot.

December 2, 2014



couldn't "veel" refer to the dunes as opposed to the loving thus making it 'many dunes'?


If "veel" was to refer to the dunes, and thus be 'many dunes' the sentence would be:

Deze zeehounden houden van de vele Nederlandse duinen.


I'm not a native Dutch woman, but I think not because the "veel" comes after the verb "houden" and is separated from the "duinen" by the preposition "van"


I wrote "These seals love the Netherlands dunes a lot" and was marked wrong. It was not the first time the Dutch/Netherlands issue has arisen in my translations but it seems to be an English issue. Van Dale does not have a listing for "Dutch." What is your rule of thumb for calling something "Dutch"?

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