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Want to know my level and how many points to the next one!

Is it me, but I hate this coach, because I need my reaching next level information! How can I get it back and quickly because my enthusiasm with Duolingo is in danger because of that coach - I can be my own coach thank you just give me back the information that I need!

December 2, 2014



DL, you really just need to fire the Coach, he's doing a horrible job of training me. Then you can bring back what really worked, the progress bar!


You're not alone. :)


C'mon isn't there anything that we can do to solve this issue?! Especially if it is annoying those who are really willing to keep on learning with Duolingo..


Keep posting these until Duolingo actually listens?


On your profile page, you can see how close you are with a numerical value (it's an A/B test so you might not have it). It's not the best, but it works.


Of course, we also need to keep in mind that this is a "free" program. As with facebook and other sites, we really don't get to choose what is implemented.


But then again the creators and workers of Duolingo have always tried to do what's best and implement what the learners need or like (maybe not at once but eventually they do) and this (in the way that it is now) is a loss more than a win of something so Duolingo team should react to this. With all do respect I do love the team and what they are doing, but listen to the voice of people and give us back what we need!


What is best for us and what we need and like are not neccesarily the same. Duo do A/B testing to see whether the proposed changes improve the learning experience. It is a scientific test although I am not sure what they use to measure the effectiveness.


So that is exactly my point - removing the level bar has made an influence to my learning - to be exact has had a negative impact because of demotivating me in a way when I am not seeing the information I need and instead I am being tested for something I don't (every self-repecting duolingist feels the need to keep up with the stream and get points daily)


What I'm doing is just working up to my 25's so that I don't have to worry about the bar anymore. You're right, it's annoying not being able to see the progress by way of the bar. I don't like it either. Hopefully it will be put back.


Nothing is free. Duo is supported by its users who provide translations as part of the Immersion portion of the program. It is in Duo's interest to keep user's engaged, enjoying their language learning journeys and logging in frequently.

Things like these seem small, but if they are important to many users, Duo has an obligation to listen to the feedback. If a change is extremely unpopular, they should at least consider restoring the original function.

For my part, I like to see the progress bar fill up. I like to know where I stand. If I get close to a new level, sometimes, I power through a bunch of lessons just to see the little ribbon. It's fun for me when I can measure my work and see the rewards.


I believe this only happens if you have a coach goal? so its like one or the other. Either way, it is not hard to put the bar back.. look at the comment below about installing a userscript. Personally I feel much more empowered when i have a Coach goal set to maximum then surpass it. But if you really need to know how far you are to the next level why not just subtract how much xp you have from how much till the next level? And as far as the ribbon? I'm not sure if you are just experiencing a bug or something but my father, mother and three sisters all still get the ribbon when we level up. Try messing with your settings a little bit and trying out the wonderful world of userscripts as mentioned below. As you mentioned in your comment Jona, if it is important to many users something should be done about it. They have done it. The users. They did it.


Try this thread about installing a userscript. It's what I've done and now my home page looks like this:


That's what I did. Plus a couple of the other ones on there to improve clarity and efficiency.


It works!! Thank you so much!


Try this link! I had the same problem, and this thread really helped. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4921442


Me too. Seeing myself progress along the level bar gives me enthusiasm to get to the end and reach the next level. Also, I like to set myself targets to reach the next level more quickly. No incentive without it.


Same here! Please, Duolingo, let me have my progress bar back!


I do not like this coach either, i need my reaching next level information too!!! i could maybe deal with the coach if I had the reaching next level info, so Please DuoLingo, fix this, give us a button to remove the coach if we want, that's all i ask, and let me go back to being a happy language learner!


How do I know what level I'm at


you are at level 18


Ugh, just fire the Coach- he is terrible!


I still need to know at what level I m at please help me as I'm completing the same lesson again and again!?


here is a good site where you can find this info : https://duome.eu/YourUserId

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