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"Jag äter en smörgås utan ost."

Translation:I eat a sandwich without cheese.

December 2, 2014



Absolutely barbaric


Why? I can eat sandwich with butter, sausage, salad, tomatoes etc


We have a monster upon us...


I recently discover a swedish song that uses a lot of "utan". I recommend to search for a translation, the lyrics are interesting. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiVSetjAx30

If you have any swedish song to recomend, post it here. I'll make a post in Discussion any day.


Having lived in Sweden for 3 years now, I can safely say a smörgås and a sandwich are 2 very different things.


Vad är Skillnaden?


smörgås is a cover-all term in Swedish, but it mostly refers to an open-faced sandwich.


well....if you are a fan of a good sandwich (me), you will go hungry in Sweden. They don't really do the whole NYC deli style, layered sandwich with fresh bread and condiments (I'm getting hungry now). So when a Swede thinks of Smorgas, they are thinking of a piece of fairly dry bread with butter and maybe 1 or 2 toppings max. It does get translated as 'Sandwich' but Sandwich it ain't. You'll still see some of the older people eating Smorgas with a knife and fork...don't get me started on Pizza :-/


Is there a rule how to pronounce the letter U? In utan it sounds like the German ü (I don't know any other way to describe it) and in some other words it just sounds like the German u (close to oo in foot).


It depends on the number of following consonants. In "utan" it's the long "u" sound, but in "under" it's the short sound.


Which Swedish sandwich we wish eat with cheese? (trying to make a tongue twister)


Which Swedish sandwich we wish to* eat with cheese ;)


Sandwich without cheese.I think it will be not sandwich but bread with колбаса i dont know this word on eng


Well I'm lactose intolerant so this works for me


we can't be friends.

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