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"Den lille dreng hører stemmer."

Translation:The little boy is hearing voices.

December 2, 2014



Sixth Sense !... Bruce, where are you ?


Sixth Sense was my first thought too, lol.


or maybe a prequel to 'Et Smukt Sind'?


Jeg ser døde mennesker


And sees dead people.


Why is "that little boy" an error?


Because ''den'' is article for the ''little'' as all of the adjectives. I mean that nouns have article attached the end as: ''brød-et'', ''vej-en'' But the adjectives have on the front: ''det lækkert brød'', ''den nye vej'' Off course some of the adjectives are directly attached to the nouns as: ''rugbrød'' , ''hovedvej'' and of course their articles are on the back: ''rugbrod-et'', ''hovedvej-en''. But thats sims to be mostly when the adjectives derived from noun.


This whole comment only makes limited sense.

Den is the article for dreng. Articles just get detached from the noun if you add an adjective.

It should be "det lækkere brød".

Rugbrød and hovedvej do not have "adjectives attached". They are just compound nouns, two nouns combined with each other, which then function as a single noun.


I hear voices too... since I am not deaf


How come it accepts "the small boy" and rejects "the young boy"?!


Because young refers to the age, and small refers to the size. Also "the young boy" would be "den unge dreng"


"Young" is suggested as a translation of "lille". Further, after two years living in Denmark, it appears quite clear to me that in Danish you can use lille to refer to the age. "Min lille bror" means "My young(er) brother"


Well that's in English too...my "little" brother is also taller than me. But i wouldn't call him a little guy.


Get the salt and call the Winchesters


Someone is bout to get locket out


How do you say 'schizophrenia' i dansk?


Alicyia, that would be skizofreni, common gender. (Also it's "på dansk".)


Why should "that little boy hears voices" be marked wrong?


In this case, where an adjective is attached to a noun, “Den” works as an article for the noun, therefore “the little boy”. I think this is what Duolingo is trying to teach, and therefore marks “that little boy” wrong.


Thanks for the suggestion. I must admit I wasn't even thinking about that part of the sentence - I thought they didn't accept 'hears voices' (i.e. either from spirit or delusions), which can be a rather different thing than 'is hearing voices', which suggests real voices in the here and now. Danish and Norwegian both seem to lack a separate word for 'that...' as opposed to 'the...'.

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