"Do Americans like playing basketball?"

Translation:Tycker amerikaner om att spela basket?

December 2, 2014

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Har påven en rolig mössa?


Skiter björnar i skogen?


A few years later, but is this supposed to be a sentence with an "obvious" answer? Would you use the pope question in a normal conversation as a retort? Well, of course Americans like basketball, of course the pope has a funny hat (?). Etc etc.

E.g. Person 1: Does the bar sell beer? Person 2: Does the pope have a funny hat?

(Sorry, this is probably a terrible example.)


Could this also be translated to "Spelar amerikaner gärna basket?" I typed that and it was marked wrong.


No that would be more like "do the Americans gladly play basketball?" Awful translation I know, but it helps to use it like would use "gladly' or "happy to". Ex. I would gladly help you. I'd be happy to join you. Tycker om and gillar are more general than the more specific-to-the-scenario gärna.

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