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Swedish north of the Artic circle... a Duolingo success story :-)

Up here beyond the Arctic circle it's pretty cold (although nowhere near as cold as you might think), so it is customary to plug your cars into a socket at night (i.e. most of the day :-p) if you want to find them nice and ice-free and warm in the morning. So far nothing new. These ones however had some funny timer system and no English instructions, stumping all eight of us and our three cars. So I started reading the Finnish instructions and about half way through suddenly realized I could understand them !!! And then it dawned on me that it was in fact Svenska :-D

Thanks to Duo and Team Swedish we had a nice cosy car this morning :-)

December 2, 2014



That is such a cool story :D How far along in the tree are you?


It's around 0C, or as they say in Germany neither warm nor cold. :-D I finished the tree on Saturday, just in time for the flight yesterday :-)


Awesome! Wonderful story!


Awesome!! I loved the pics too! So pretty!


The top one, in twilight, was taken at noon... the bottom one was only a couple of hours later! :-)


Yes, I remember from visiting family in Quebec, Canada. It was dark at 3pm when the children finished school and Sweden is farther north. Beautiful photos, Thank you again for sharing them with us.


Depends on the part of Canada we're talking about but I guess less than 0.1% of Canadians live above the Artcic Circle. And I believe duonks is in Finland.


Yes, my relatives do not live above the Arctic Circle, but they also plug their cars in at night and part of the day. I was not sure by his story if he was in Sweden or Finland, but you are possibly right since he was expecting Finnish instructions. Some of both Sweden and Finland stretch beyond the Arctic Circle.


I'm in Finnish Lapland, just north of Kittilä, but as annika_a mentioned somewhere else there seem to be quite a few Finnishswedes in Finland ;-p


And there were Finnish instructions, first even. I don't think Swedes would put Finnish in their sockets at all. And you're quite right about their location. In fact, one third of Finland is above the Arctic Circle. Sweden has a bit less than Finland but still a quite large area.


Today it was dark at 1:30pm, with "sunrise" at around 11:00am... I'll still be here on December 13th, for a 24 hour night :-p


That's Arctic Circle for you :) Here in Helsinki we get something resembling actual sunlight at noon but it gets pretty dark pretty early...(and comparatively Scandinavia is warmer than the same latitudes in America, and the actual don't-go-out-unless-you-really-have-to frosts come in January).

And yes, Swedish is the other official language so you'll find instructions like that in both languages.


Just curious...why are you there? (Haha sorry, I hate the cold, so I can't imagine being any place that far north, lol).


It's never cold if you have the right clothing:

Here's a pic of the midday sun today:

But to answer your question: we're staging a "Nikolaus" Winter driving event and need ice and snow :-)


Que paisagem bonita,Aqui no Brasil não neva :"(

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