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weakest vocabulary loop

All my vocabulary is completely golden except for "actriz", which is only 3 points. So every time I click practice weakest words or practice all, I get sentences with "actor" "or "actores" in it, but NOT with "actriz" for some reason. The vocable doesn't improve, and I get flooded with sentences about actors all the time since it doesn't get marked as practiced. Can I please get some sentences with actriz/actress in it, so I can get rid of them for a while?

July 9, 2013



You can click on lesson which contains that word (professions?) and repeat only it. I use to do that more common than "weakest words".


I did that too, but it didn't show up in occupations. I think I got the word in another lesson, but since they were restructured, I'm not sure where it was.

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