"The meter"

Μετάφραση:Το μέτρο

December 2, 2014

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For "το μέτρο" as for measuring water, gas etc could we not use "το ρολλόι"


In Greek; we can say 'το ρολόι της ΔΕΗ' when we refer to measuring electric energy but I can't think of a different context where the word 'ρολόι' could be used like that. Also, we could say ' Η μέτρηση (του ρολογιού) της ΔΕΗ' but not 'το μέτρο'. The word 'ο μετρητής' could be used as an alternative.


I can remember asking: "Who's that and hearing." "Αυτός είναι εδω να διαβάζει το ρολόι." Για αυτο ρωτώ. Thanks again.

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