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  5. Is "lesson practice" broken?


Is "lesson practice" broken?

The last few days "lesson practice" gives me lots of phrases that include grammar I haven't reached yet and will not reach for a long time. Isn't the purpose of this feature to practice what you have learned so far? Or is it something else? The name is not very revealing. The same thing happens when I chose "practice weakest words" - is that the same practice?

July 9, 2013



There was a bug a few weeks ago where words were being added to a member's vocab through the immersion view. These words hadn't been seen before by the member, but were seen in immersion (when you were translating). This was fixed quickly. What you're seeing are the words added from that bug. This issue no longer exists, and you can translate through immersion without adding any words you do not know. You will only strengthen words that you've seen.

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Is there any chance we could have these words excluded from lessons and practice until they are introduced to us through the lessons they actually belong to? I am seeing lots of unfamiliar words that were added by the bug and they're making my practice sessions as well as lessons much, much more difficult.


Hopefully, this means there's a new "add words/phrases from immersion" function soon? :D

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