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  5. "She is in the bathroom."

"She is in the bathroom."

Translation:Hun er på badeværelset.

December 2, 2014



Is there any consistency in the use of "i", " på", and "ved"? These seem to all mean in or at or near sometimes


Seconded, thought this would be "Hun er inde i badeværelset"


Always use "på" when referring to someone in the bathroom. "i" would probably be correct but you will only hear a Danes say it, if they are drunk.


I guess it depends on whether you know or care about what the person is doing, e.g. sitting "on" the toilet, standing "at" the mirror etc. If you do you can emphasize that by using "på" and "ved" as in "Hun sidder på toilettet" or "Hun står ved spejlet". Otherwise I think it is perfectly okay to use "Hun er i badeværelset" or "Hun står i badeværelset"


From what I heard there's some sort of rule about using "på" with - t words, and "i" with - n words. I don't think they apply for everything, but it works most times


Does anyone have a tip on how to remember the word "badeværelset"?


Well værelse is room, so if you can get that down then you just have to remember bade=bath. Then, together it is badeværelse. And of course the t at the end makes it "the bathroom."


I am trying to use this combination. Bad. Ever el set all I need to remember is there an extra letter in ever I don't know if this helps but that's what I'm going to try.

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