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"The real name of my child is a secret."

Translation:De echte naam van mijn kind is een geheim.

December 2, 2014



Excactly what it says on my birth certificate!


Are the Dutch normally this odd? Hmmm, when's the next flight to Amsterdam?


"ei" or "ie"!!! The bain of my life. In England we learnt a rhyme that it is "i before e except after c", which isn't true (weight or height for example) so I often end up guessing when writing English, so what chance do I have in Dutch??


The whole rule is: i before e except after c - and when the sound of the word is ay. So Weight and Height are true to the rule. No longer the bane of your life now, one hopes. :)


Dutch ei and ie are simple: ei sounds roughly like English i, ie sounds like English ee. If you meant ei and ij, on the other hand, I can't give you a tip just yet.


And not de ware naam?


So am I right that geheim is a noun and not an adjective?


It can be both. Een geheim geheim would be a valid phrase, but of course a tad redundant. :-)


English fairy tales put a lot of weight on secret names. Dutch fairy tales too?


Ahem Grimes and Elon? ;)

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