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  5. "He sleeps on Sundays."

"He sleeps on Sundays."

Translation:Han sover om søndagen.

December 2, 2014



Shouldn't Sundays be like: søndager or søndage


It is søndage. But you would never say "han sover om søndage" in danish. "Søndage sover han" is possible but mostly as a reply to a question

It is a bit like "I drink coffee in the morning" can be about more then one morning even though morning is singular

I think what changes the meaning in danish is "om" had it been på søndag it would.be next sunday.

I hope this helped


"It is a bit like "I drink coffee in the morning" can be about more then one morning even though morning is singular"

Could you explain why this is the way it is? Languages seem to lose so much of their rules for no valid reason


It's a statement about the time of a general day. It is indeed quite common in English too, here's another example: "In summer many people go to the beach". Of course there is not just one summer, it is summer every year. But for every year it applies that in that summer many people go to the beach, so as a general statement you can say "in summer".


That's what i thought...


Is 'sondagen' the plural form for Sundays?


Wouldn't søndagen be "the sunday"?


It is. Han sover om søndagen --> he sleeps on the sunday If you translate directly. But danes will understand it as he sleeps on sundays.


"han arbejder i hverdagene" BUT "han sover om soendagen"?! This is driving me mad!


Can anyone explain how to tell when I should use på rather than om? So confused. :(


"på" would be a specific Sunday, the next one, while "om" is talking about Sundays in general.


So the word "om" has some very differemt meanings: 1. Whether (some factual statement). 2. About, concerning. 3. Regularly on (a specified day).


Mange tak for det!


Yes, but the "-en" makes it "the Sunday," so it IS a specific one!


yes, like a lot of others, I am confused about "om" and "i".... I guess that for time, en general, it's "i" BUT with days it's "om" ? Can that be a kind of a rule ?


Why has noone answered these questions! ! How will we ever know nooowww

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All has now been revealed. :)


Søndagen is singular and sundays is plural

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