"Jag har inget svar."

Translation:I have no answer.

December 2, 2014

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Why is it "inget svar" and not "ingen svar"? Is it ett svar, svaret, svar, svaren?


I do not follow. How can there be svaren and svaret?


svaret is the singular, its an ett word. But svaren is the plural. En is the plural article attached to the ending. Usually nouns would change when they're in plural, but for svar it's an exceptation, like for most of the other ett words ending on a consonant. Better look up again though, i cant assure if my answer is precise, im a learner myself xd


Said 'I have no answers'.

Shouldn't that have worked?


No, that would be Jag har inga svar.


But in English, it should be 'answerS' either way. This is just how it is spoken in Swedish. The English version is incorrect.


The singular is fine. Just as an indication of frequency, the exact phrase "I have no answer" yields almost three million hits on Google. :)


Not a native here but to me this sounds like someone accused me of having an answer to something and me not having it and being rather frustrated by this situation would say "I have no answer!". Can any natives confirm that?


Yes, that would work.


What about Jag har inte svar?


That would have to be plural, since we don't use nouns in the singular without an article like that. You don't in English either; you wouldn't say I haven't answer or I don't have answer.

So if you'd say Jag har inte svar, that would be like I don't have answers or I haven't answers in English. It's a bit strange in both languages: you might find a context where it would work, but usually we would prefer to say Jag har inga svar = I have no answers or Jag har inte några svar = I don't have any answers.


so "answers" without "the" is svar? and "the answers" is svaren?


How I see it, is Ingen/inget/Inga = ingenting = nothing, inte = negative for verbs. That would make: I have no(thing) answer or I have negative answer.


Which would be more common? 'Jag har inget svar' or 'Jag har inte ett svar'


"Jag har inget svar". The other one would be more like "I don't have one answer" or something like that.


In english, at least where I'm from, "I don't have an answer" is a valid response to a question.


Sure, and that is an accepted answer here. I'm just saying that Jag har inte ett svar does not mean that, it means I do not have one answer.


Thank you! I learn so much from all of you.


Hello. I think we were already introduced to a word that means "no": nej. Why is a new "no" word introduced? Is Jag har nej svar incorrect and why?


"Jag har nej svar." is incorrect, yes. You need to see, that there are two types of "no"s. 1. no = nej: That type of "no" is able to stand alone in a sentence and is mainly used for small talk. For example "Are there any eggs left? - No." 2. no/none = ingen/inget/inga: This "no" is another form of "none". It describes the amount of something. For example "How many eggs are left? - None. - What, there are no eggs left?" I hope you get my point, since I'm neither a native English speaker, nor a native Swedish speaker xD If someone thinks I'm wrong, please tell me.


You illustrated the difference well.

Nej, jag har inget svar.


For anyone else having my problems:
svar: answer (verb form: svara)
svår: hard, difficult; svårt for ett-words
svart: black
svär: Swear (both senses of "I swear it's true" and "He was swearing and cursing"). Also used as a prefix in, for example, svärmor (mother-in-law).


I put "answers" and it said I was wrong?

[deactivated user]

    That's right. If it was answers, it would have been inga.


    I tried the same thing and it marked it wrong, but suggested "I have no answer" (singular) as the correct answer :/

    I don't see the difference here between inga and inget


    What do you mean "the same thing"? The correct answer is I have no answer because inget is singular of the word ingen (plural is inga), and means "no". "Inget" is used for "ett" words and "ingen" for "en" words; and it's ett svar.


    sorryy I think that was meant to be in response to your comment above. Wasn't really thinking, but great explanation, thank you!


    Why SVAR and not SVARET?


    Svaret means "the answer", but this sentence isn't referring to any specific answer.


    If they were talking about specific answer ....how it would be? ...jag har inga svaret....if im wrong.. Can some one correct it plz :)


    If you're talking about a specific answer, like 'I don't have the answer', that's Jag har inte svaret in Swedish.


    Tack tack :)


    How to say: " I have no answer to say? "


    Jag har inget svar att säga.


    svarar is the verb, as in 'she answers'. But inget svar means 'no answer', with the noun svar.


    Can it be "I have no idea"??? > <


    No, that would be Jag har ingen aning in idiomatic Swedish. :)


    I don't have an answer would be "Jag har inte svar", right?


    I haven't an answer (but it doesn't accept that)

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