"Artistens vakter springer efter kvinnan."

Translation:The artist's guards run after the woman.

December 2, 2014



Did she steal a painting?

August 17, 2015


Oh, what has she done though? Did she steal a painting or something? Spill some of that artistic tea, Duo!

August 26, 2017


Nope! To the best of my knowledge as a fellow learner, "artist" is some kind of performing artist while "konstnär" is more of an artist that creates tangible things.

Maybe someone threw rotten fruit at them :P

October 13, 2017


Why not "The performer's guards run after the woman"? We have established that in Swedish, artist means a performing artist and not, for example, a fine artist.

May 20, 2018


Is "bodyguard" the same as "guard" in this case? - Because I unsuccessfully tried that :)

December 2, 2014


I think "bodyguard" is pretty much exactly the same as "livvakt" in Swedish.

December 2, 2014


Why not the guard's artists?

March 4, 2015


The guards 'belong' to the artist, that is what the genitive 's shows in English, and in Swedish, the s ending. One way to see this is that you can rewrite the expression to say The artist has guards or Artisten har vakter but not the other way around.

March 4, 2015


Ooh, ticky tricky Duo, but not today! I am to you! Sneaking in a possive like that. For shame!

December 11, 2018
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