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Swedish Music

Know any good swedish bands that sing in swedish?

I like music like Sabaton (Power/Heavy Metal) and styles like Avenged Sevenfold (Hard Rock) and Rise Against (Punk Rock, Hard Rock)

I have no problem with bands such as The Sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=052YPfZv_Mw but I just want bands that DO sing in swedish (only sabaton from the ones I said is swedish and sings in swedish)

So yeah, Hard Rock, Power/Heavy Metal, Punk Rock and pop themed bands (not like JB and such) but more like The Sounds.

NOTE: I want both just good bands from the genres I said and also just good songs that are easy to pick up and follow.

December 2, 2014



Martyrdöd - swedish crust/d-beat Totalitär - hc/punk

Want more? Of course, this is specific kind of music and "singing" but with interesting lyrics! ;)


Ebba Grön (1977-1983), the most famous of all Swedish punk bands, might be a good start:

Slower, easier to hear the lyrics:

After Ebba Grön, some of the members (including singer/guitarist Thåström) went on with Imperiet, which also became very successful.

Thåström has been a solo artist since the late 90s and has made some great albums. Great voice, great lyricist. "Skebokvarnsv. 209" is largely acoustic and should be easier to follow than some of the others:


You might enjoy Raubtier. The music is similar to Rammstein. The lyrics are something.

Låt napalmen regna ner


Achtung Panzer


Someone on a forum I follow posted this song a while ago, and listening to it was the first time I realized "wait, I understood some of those words!" Not sure if it's necessarily in the genres you mentioned, but the lyrics seem easy enough to follow at least:


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