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"There is a special vegetarian menu."

Translation:Det finns en särskild vegetarisk meny.

December 2, 2014



Speciell is more like especial, used as speciellt (=especially)


I am still confused with finns vs är. Is it that är refers to more stable, inherent states of being, whilst finns refers to more changeable, impermanent states? Tack så mycket


Yes, why can't you say "Det är en särskild vegetarisk meny"?


I think that means "it is a special vegetarian menu", "det finns" is like the French "il y a" or the Spanish "hay"


I think of finns as being like the version of "to be" that means "exists." Kind of? In English we wouldn't ask if coffee "exists" in that wording, but that's in essence what is asked hence sentences like "Finns det kaffe?" "Is there coffee?"


Whereas (in my understanding—please correct me if I'm wrong!) "är" is more descriptive. Han är en pojke. He is a boy. De är rika. They are rich. Det är bra. It is good. Det är = It is, but Det finns = There is Finns det kaffe? Is there coffee? Det finns kaffe. There is coffee. I don't remember all the different types of verbs (linking, action, etc.) anymore, but I hope this helps. :)


What is supposed to be used in this sentence? "speciell" or "särskild"? Or do both apply?


what does speciell mean

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