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"The girl has a military coat."

Translation:Pigen har en militær frakke.

December 2, 2014



My girlfriend (who is Danish) is getting quite agitated about the fact that apparently this should be militærfrakke, not militær frakke. And apparently lots of people make this mistake. Militær is not an adjective and so it has to become part of the word that it describes. Thoughts?

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We can't teach the word "militær" if it's joined with "frakke" in that way. This would mean adding a new word and 3 extra sentences. I've seen both listed online and my girlfriend (also Danish) says that both are acceptable. Also, both militær and military can be adjectives and I would regard it as one here


Both are not acceptable. If they are not going to teach people the right spelling of the words, then really what is the point? Splitting the word in two is wrong.


Do all French origin words that, in English would end in -ary, end in -ær in Danish?

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