"Mina bröder tycker om kläder."

Translation:My brothers like clothes.

December 2, 2014

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Why is it "mina" instead on "min"? and if it is in a lesson's notes, which one could I find it in?


Min is for uter, mitt is for neuter, and mina is plural! There's a good article series on UPenn's website that explains this.

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    In Swedish there is a different word for 'my' when referring to something in a singular and plural form.

    Min is singular and used to describe one thing. I.e. - My suit, - min kostym My apple, - mitt äpple (Only referring to one).

    Mina is plural and refers to more than one thing. I.e - My suits, - mina kostymer My apples, - mina äpplen

    Although mina can be used as a plural form for both 'en' and 'ett' words

    This was in the Plurals lessons.

    Ex. 1. English - My cat (Swedish - Min kat)

    Ex. 2 English - My cats (Swedish - Mina katter)

    Take notice that the 'my' also becomes plural as well.

    You can think if it in the sense of cars.

    English would be similar to a RW drive car because only one set of the four wheels, (My cats), are turned plural.

    Swedish on the other hand would be similar to an AW drive car because both sets of the wheels, (Mina katter), are turned plural.

    There was also: Cat - kat The cat - katten Cats - katter The cats - katterna


    The Tip refers to https://www.dulingo.com/comment/5667610 . Access was denied because it seems that it is deemed to be an attempt to steal information! What an I doing wrong? Usually this notes are in blue . This one is in gray.

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