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"At what time does the train arrive?"

Translation:Hoe laat komt de trein aan?

December 2, 2014



Can you use 'wanneer' interchangeably with 'hoe laat', or is one preferred over the other?


This was explained to me recently on YouTube as I had the same exact question...

Yes, you can, HOWEVER... Hoe laat refers to time, but wanneer refers more to date. Hoet laat makes more sense, since you're obviously dealing with time here.

But if the train comes once every few days, or someone is arriving on a train and you don't know when, you could always say "Wanneer komt de trein aan?" (in context with a conversation about people arriving in a few days, obviously)

So always use hoe laat for time of day.


'Wanneer' also refers to a time span. An answer to 'Wanneer komt de trein?' could be: 'Hij komt over 5 minuten.' ('It arrives in 5 minutes').


I wrote "op welk tijd komt de trein aan" and it said tijd should have been tijdstip. Why?


Because in Dutch if you refer to a specific point in time you use tijdstip and not tijd, hence op welk tijdstip and not op welk tijd.


So it would be akin to "around 6" or 6-ish vs. 6:08?

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