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"In het zuiden van Nederland vieren wij carnaval."

Translation:We celebrate carnival in the southern part of the Netherlands.

December 2, 2014



In the US, "Carnival" is called "Mardi Gras", and it's usually celebrated in the state of Louisiana. A "carnival" is usually made up of traveling amusement rides, vendors, games and acts. This seems to be closer to the Dutch word "kermis". A "fair" is typically a gathering of people to display or trade produce and animals, and may or may not have a travelling carnival associated with it. Thus "fair" translates to the Dutch word "jaarmarkt".


Upon Googling 'carnaval Nederland', it looks to me like what I would call a carnival, here in the UK.


Eindhoven grinds to a halt during Carnaval which is the big blow out before Lent but religion is not a big thing anymore down south but the merrymaking traditions remain. Yes loads of people young and old dress up and participate singing drinking dancing drinking for about a week. There is also a parade with floats and those people take it very seriously. It is a lot of fun.


Interesting - it looks like Mardi Gras.


it is like Mardi Gras


Is there a city in Holland that has a lot of Caribbean folk? I love a good steel drum band!


It's really not the same thing. The Dutch idea of carnaval is basically dressing up like a moron and getting drunk. It is probably the only time of year when the northern half of the country hides in shame, to avoid running in to full grown men in giraffe costumes. If you're looking for anything exotic, the Rotterdam street carnaval is more like what they would call carnaval in Brazil (beats, butts and ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤). ;)


Or what New Orleans calls Mardi Gras.


Then you should visit the summer carnaval in Rotterdam. Friday and Saturday the 26th and 27th of July in 2019.


Looking to all the native English speakers out there, is "we celebrate carnival" proper English? I have never seen this kind of phrasing, it's usually "we celebrate the carnival". Many thanks!


On the south of the Netherlands we throw the carnaval - why is it incorrect?


When you're talking about a broad geographical location it's always in. In the west. In the eastern US. You don't throw a carnival, you celebrate it ( if you're talking about a festival that occurs approximately forty-one days before Easter) or you have it ( if you're talking about a random festival with rides. CARNIVAL in the sense of the festival associated with Easter is never or almost never referred to with an article. Your sentence is grammatically ( the words are in proper order, etc ) sound but semantically wrong, the first reading makes no sense.


Thank you very much!

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