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I've hit a wall.

It seems like the translations in the lessons are making more and more use of unexplained idioms. It's very frustrating to provide a literally correct translation and be told that it is wrong. Sure, the "correct" translation might make more sense in english, but it's not what was on the page. Kinda souring on the program.

October 19, 2012



Hang in there... its just a rough patch in the road. Mostly I'm just approaching this as rocko2012 said, just memorizing the material and moving on. Sometimes it makes a lot more sense later on.


It will probably be a temporary wall. I thought things were hopeless and made no sense and would only get harder a number of times And then they got easier again. I just accept the crazy/ambiguity that Duolingo sometimes gives and try to memorize it and move on.


Thank you for the encouragement linda52 & rocko2012. Today is a new day and I'll keep on plugging. madd, I disagree. There are at least two levels of translation: the first level is "what do do the words mean" and that is the level we are working at in the lessons. The second level, "what does the writer / speaker intend to say" depends on culture and context. For example, if the spanish sentence is "Yo toco la guitarra" the first level translation is "I touch the guitar." That is not wrong (IMO). The second level would be "I play the guitar." Both should be considered correct translations, especially in the lessons.


You seem to have the wrong idea. A computer can provide a literal(ly correct) translation. The reason we humans are involved is to provide something that makes sense in English. Literal(ly correct) translations should be marked wrong.


Still slogging along. I am seeing progress, but much, much slower than before. It is now rare that I finish a lesson in one try, where that used to be the norm. So if I dedicate 30 minutes a day to duolingo, I'm getting through a lot fewer lessons.

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