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Swedish Movies

Hello everyone!

This isn't much about movies as it's about a director and his movies. The director is Ingmar Bergman. His films are artistic and intellectual, so if you're into those kinds of movies they're fantastic. My favorite from his is The Seventh Seal. It's based in Medieval Sweden during the black plague. It's fantastic and many of his other films are too. Bergman's films are in Swedish with English subtitles. I wanted to share this fantastic film maker with all of you since many of you are looking for Swedish films and what not, so if you're into older and artistic films, definitely check his out.

December 3, 2014



I would recommend watching "Mumin", a children's cartoon based on the characters of Tove Jansson, who was a swedish-speaking Finn. It's extremely popular in Finland and propably Sweden too. It can be found in swedish on YouTube.


Great recommandation! Anyone has suggestions as to Swedish movies, webseries or TV shows to watch ?

I know : Äkta människor (Real Humans), TV show, is quite good if you like science-fiction ; Män som hatar kvinnor (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series) in the drama category ; Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann (The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared) is hilarious (very Forrest Gump-ish)


Things I've seen and liked:

• Mitt liv som hund (My Life as a Dog) is very good

• Låt den Rätte Komma In (Let the Right One In) the sweetest horror movie you will ever see

• Bron/Broen ("The Bridge" in Swedish and Danish) mystery/thriller/drama about the investigation of a murder of a woman whose body was left in the middle of the bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark

• Kyss Mig (released as both Kiss Me! and With Every Heartbeat) is a lighthearted (read: at times funny and not completely depressing) lesbian romance

• ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Åmål (released as Show Me Love in English) is a lesbian drama (but again, not as bleak as those two words together usually implies) about the relationship between two teenage girls in a small town with very different lives.

• Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar (Never Wipe Tears Without Gloves) is a three-part miniseries focused on gay men in Stockholm during the early 1980s.

• Patrik 1,5 (Patrik, Age 1.5) comedy/drama about a gay couple who believe they are adopting an 18-month-old and instead adopt a homophobic 15-year-old boy.


The swedish classics Jönssonligan (Jönsson League) It is a series of comedy movies with very typical swedish humour. I still find them quite entertaining. Here is one of the movies with english subtitles on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab2WaM_xpzU

Also there is comedy movies series called Sällskapsresan (released in English as The Charter Trip) Very typical swedish humour there as well.

Also there is a criminal movies serie called Beck that is quite big here in Sweden. It is very dark and I consider it much better than any American criminal series because it is more realistic, very cold and black humour. Beware, there is a german version as well.

The problem here might be finding subtitles, you can download most movies illegally and find the subtitles seperated on sites such as http://www.subtitles.at/

If you need any help, just ask me.


I haven't seen this but I've heard of Wallander. It's like a procedural detective type show. It's supposed to be really good. I've seen Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series (Millennium series).

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