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Help needed. Rolled r's in Swedish?

Hej alla! So my question is, are the r's in Swedish generally rolled? Sometimes I have a hard time hearing if they are actually rolled or if it's just like a tap on the roof of your mouth with your tongue (as in pronouncing the letter "d'). I am working on rolling my r's, and it's a bit hard for me. so I usually just use the "d" sound. Sometimes I hear very pronounced rolls, and other times it's barely a tap of the tongue. And some people say you could do either, but I want to know which is "correct". Basically my question is do you need to roll your r's to speak Swedish correctly?

Opinions on this seem to be mixed, so I thought I'd ask the swedish community on here :) I'm really hung up on this!!

Tack så mycket!

December 3, 2014



They’re usually just tapped unless you’re emphasising a word or so, then you can use a trilled /r/ as well, but tapping is fine.

Often we don’t even tap and just use some approximant. You can also use a French uvular [ʁ] which is what they use in Southern Sweden. Sweden has a lot of r-variations depending on dialect however and you might hear other realisations, some dialects trill more and some elide the /r/ all together in certain positions and some have sort of as the g- sound in genre.


Thanks a lot! This really helped clear it up for me :)


Just out of interest, how are you working on rolling your r? It's something I need to learn to do too if I'm going to sound the part!


Well there are (surprisingly) whole articles that try and teach you how to roll your r's. I found this article http://www.wikihow.com/Roll-Your-%22R%22s to be very descriptive on a few different way of how to do it. Hope this can help you, too :)

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