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  5. "Drengene leger soldater."

"Drengene leger soldater."

Translation:The boys play soldiers.

December 3, 2014



Well, as various English speakers are lining up to say they would use "soldier", let me as an English speaker line up and say I would definitely say "soldiers". Multiple boys, multiple soldiers.


me too! native speaker of NZ English and I would say the boys play soldiers


I wrote "the boys play soldier" -- this 'sounds' more correct to me in English, but it might just be because Dutch is my first language. (Where I would translate this as "De jongens spelen soldaatje.")


English is my first language and this is how I would say it, too.


That's strange - English is my mother tongue as well, and, as a child, we always played "soldiers", never "soldier". Even on my own I would have played "soldiers", so I'd say "the boy plays soldiers" as well as "the boys play soldiers". "soldier" sounds completely wrong to me.


I teach English and I would also say 'The boys play soldier.'


"The boys play soldiers" is what I would say here in America. It is a common phrase.


Also in US, and I would say "The boys play soldier" perhaps regional difference. In this case the game is called soldier, not "we are pretending to be soldiers"


Where I live in the US, we'd probably say 'play soldier'. You would say, 'The boys are pretending to be soldiers.'


All these examples have a very sexist connotation :( "The boys plays soldiers, "The women are secretaries", "The man is a ninja"... when are we going to see that everyone can be anything?


As a girl, I played soldiers with my three brothers ...


Me too. We also played the totally not PC 'cowboys and Indians' (It was a long time ago). 'Weapons' tended to be either baseball bats or suitable sticks (not to hit, just to 'shoot' and tennis balls that could be lobbed over as grenades. My brother was really into studying wars and such, and he was usually the kid who came up with what we were going to do.


How about: "The boys play at soldiers"? (seems right to me as a native English speaker)


A more common phrasing would be, 'The boys are playing soldiers.'


what is "play soldiers"? like, role play, in which you pretend to be soldiers shooting and charging in battlefields?


The boys play soldiers, it has a sense?


Yes it does make sense. "The boys play soldiers" is correct in British and American English.


Do they intend to mean 'soldier models', not role-playing as soldiers?


As a native English speaker, "the boys play at soldiers" is perfectly normal and should be accepted. And I can't remember the "correct" phrase so keep getting this question wrong! Reported Sep 18...


Couldn't the boys play at soldiers also be accepted?


I agree with those of you who want to say "the boys play at soldiers". It feels right to me as a native English speaker. "The boys play soldiers" feels very American.

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