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whats the difference between el gatos and la gatas whereas both are plural.

3 years ago


They should written as "los gatos" and "las gatas". Anyway, in general, Los gatos refers to all male cats or a mix of male and female whereas las gatas refers to all female cats.

Here's a good article on dealing with plural forms in Spanish

3 years ago

It's kind of difficult for English speakers to get used to Spanish, as every noun has a gender, even seemingly nonspecific ones. In general, the rule is nouns that end in -a are feminine (la) while nouns that end in -o are masculine (el).

3 years ago
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Don't worry you'll get used to it quickly.

  • Los perros - las perras
  • los ninos - las niñas
  • las chicas - los chicos
  • el nino - la niña

Study the rules, but pay attention to the gender patterns . . . o . . . a

3 years ago

as vcel said... both of them are in plural but the unique difference is that: "Los gatos" is for male "Las gatas" is for Female

3 years ago

Hi. I am Spanish, from Madrid. I am going to try to help you: I don't know why you are using the singular articles "el" and "la" when you refer to plural nouns "gatos" and "gatas", however must be "los gatos y las gatas", since in Spanish always the noun must agree with its article. This treatment is different to the English language: For example: "the cats" maybe translated in four possible forms: La gata, las gatas, el gato, los gatos. Hope that helps

3 years ago
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