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  5. "She is still there."

"She is still there."

Translation:Tá sí fós ann.

December 3, 2014



Would "Tá sí ann, fós" not also be correct? I tried it, and it was rejected.


It wouldn't have the same word order as the English sentence. It would be like 'She is there still'. They want the same word order.


this is what the sentence shows exactly "Tá sí ann____"

[deactivated user]

    The word order in Irish is not the same as in English so I think it should have been accepted.


    I agree, but it's not the order that it's expressed in the sentence above. And Duolingo likes it's translations in the same order.


    On July 27, 2019 they give Tá sí ann, fós as the "Another translation", which I believe means it's the preferred translation, yes?


    Oops, no comma.


    Accepted on 14/12/15. Tá sí ann fós.


    Tá é ann fós is now accepted.


    where could i find more information on the use of "ann"? A website for example..


    GRMA.. tá siad iontach.. :)


    Why ann and not ansin

    [deactivated user]

      Ansin could be used if "there" means "in that place".
      Ann can mean "existing" or "in a place".

      1st person: Bhí bean chineálta ag obair san oifig sin roinnt blianta ó shin.
      (There was a kind woman working in that office some years ago).
      2nd person: Tá sí ann fós. (She is still there, still working there).

      1st person: Bhí sí ag feitheamh ag an stad bus agus mé ag gabháil thart.
      (She was waiting at the bus-stop as I was going by).
      2nd person: Tá sí ansin fós. She is still there (at the bus-stop).


      Would it also be correct to say Tá sí ann fós?

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