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  5. "He is not there yet."

"He is not there yet."

Translation:Níl sé ansin go fóill.

December 3, 2014



When do you use 'ann' vs. 'ansin'? In this case, both are accepted, but I suspect that's not always the case.


Is "Níl sé ansin fós" not acceptable?


It should be, yes. There are some places where fós and go fóill overlap, and that would be one of them.


Does word order matter, as in : Níl sé go fóill ansin. ??if i remember correctly, they asked Níl sí go fóill ansin...


Almost every example of go fóill on potafocal and in the FGB entry for go fóill puts go fóill at the end of the phrase.

The one exception is Tá fuinneamh go fóill ann, but that's not quite the same usage as ansin in this sentence.


Yeah, the more I think about it, it makes sense for go fóill to go after. And the example I thought of before was incorrect, it's Níl sí anseo go fóill.

Thanks for the help!


Suddenly I'm reminded of "Níl Sé'n Lá" by Celtic Woman. (I think go fóill is part of the lyrics)


Níl 'na lá, is ní bheidh go fóill - "It's not day, and it won't be (for a while) yet",


Nil se ann fos was also accepted.


So waht is the difference between fós and fóill.. i looked on pota focal .. but i cant see an obvious difference


Apart from the fact that you mean go fóill (fóill without the go doesn't mean "yet"), you don't use go fóill to say "better yet" - níos fearr fós.


It always gives me "fóíl" and "foíl" as options, is there that much difference?


The fada on the o matters, and the standard spelling has 2 ls (though fóil with one l is listed in the FGB as a variant spelling of fóill). Even if "foil" was a word in Irish, it's pronunciation would be quite different from fóill.

(If you need convincing about the importance of the fada, look up the Irish for "cake")


Níl sé ann fós Should also be accepted. Because that is correct too


Níl sé ann ar fós, not accepted. What is wrong with it?


What's the purpose of the ar in your answer?

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