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Leaderboard should show points this week, not total points

I follow a few people who are way ahead of me on points, and it's a little discouraging to keep practising from a competitive point of view.

I think it would be great if the leaderboard showed how many points each person has earned this week/month, in order to incentivise everyone to keep going!

July 9, 2013



We're going to have this tomorrow :)


Yowza! I'm impressed. Thanks for all your hard work :)


Are we going to be able to buy stuff with the coins earned? I know it's a language site and all but the gamer in me is dying for something to do with all the coins earned.


How about slang and/or curse words? I suggest this because they can be quite fun/ are very important to know so you don't use them in the wrong circumstances!! Perhaps different lessons for different regions? Have the ability to lock naughty words out so you can let your children loose on here without worrying about them learning really nasty words and thus getting into trouble


I absolutely love the idea of buying curse words for my coins! But I guess you have to offer alternatives for people who don't want some...


I started a seperate thread "Ideas for spending your coins," you should go support it! I put another suggestion in there as well


I did, Great Discussion


I think this is a great idea. But what would you like to buy with the coins? Real world items would be too expensive for Duolingo, since they're free to use.


¡Qué bien! :D ¡Muchas gracias! :D :D :D


I understand you, which is another reason why you should check out my discussion called, "Goals New Idea"


Hi Luis, I love the new leaderboard! That is so good. Now one can compare oneself to others in the same period. Fabulous ... except it shows up - my puny 525 (which I thought was pretty good) against some who have several thousands in one week. Ouch. Still - its a great incentive!!

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