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  5. "That is a busy calendar."

"That is a busy calendar."

Translation:Dat is een volle kalender.

December 3, 2014



Why not dat is een bezig kalender?


because bezig is to be busy/OCCUPIED with (doing something).

A calendar cannot be occupied with something. It is not alive. But it can be full of things/events. I really don't understand why they choose to word the English sentence this way though. I think hardly anyone says a calendar is busy. Not impossible, but IMO not the most common either.


Can't you say "Dat is een druk kalender?"


"drukke kalendar" is correct


A busy calendar is not the same as a full calendar


Surely that is a matter of linguistic differences.

Also a busy calendar is a full calendar, but a full calendar is not necessarily a busy one. So they are quite similar


Je bent te volle deze daggen, rearranging your place... (Disclaimer:I don't know if that is an accurate translation. It's supposed to say, "You're so busy these days")


Any other K's Choice fans out there?


I wrote "Dat is een vol kalender", which is wrong. However Duo prompts that the error is on "kalender", which should be "roster". But the real error is really on "vol" since kalender is a "de" word. Free bug report, Duo.

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