"Vem frågar?"

Translation:Who is asking?

December 3, 2014

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I answered, "Who questions?" Would that be okay as well?


Not really. 'to question' as in 'express doubt about' is att ifrågasätta in Swedish.
And 'question' as in 'interrogate' is förhöra.


Just like infragestellen and verhören in German! (:


Would it be incorrect to say:"Vilka frågar?". If yes, why?


Doesn't seem ungrammatical to me (native speaker). But in my opinion it'd only be natural if you have at least two separate groups of people and you're wondering which group asked the question. Maybe two different families or something.

Even in this case, "vem frågar" still isn't wrong. So you can always go with that if you want to be safe.


Just to clarify, "frågar" can be either a plural noun or a verb?


"Fråga" can be either, but "frågar" can only be a verb. The plural of "fråga" is "frågor". En fråga, frågan, frågor, frågorna.


If one were to say "Question a question" in the sense of questioning what you know, and the other oerson thought you meant 'ask a question, and you had to explain that you actually meant to question a question, how would one go about explaining such a thing?


'to question' as in 'to question what you know' is ifrågasätta in Swedish.


Jag har en fråga :) ...I’ve always answered this “Who is asking?” , but this time I tried “ Who asks?”. It said it was incorrect. I understand that “Who asks ?” Is not a complete question, really. However, I might use it in the context “Who asks this/that?” , or in a situation where , for example, you say “Tom asks every day to go to the zoo” and I reply with “WHO asks!?” In anger or disbelief, maybe. PS: I’m now laughing reading this.. I realise I’d definitely say the above sentence, but I’d WRITE “Tom asks to go to the zoo every day”


Can somebody tell me the diffrence between frågar, frågor and frågan?


fragan= the question fragor= questions an fragar is the verb, to ask. If im not mistaken


And the questions is frågorna


Is there a plural of vem? Like vems or something


Vems = Whose.

Plural for Vem is Vilka, which also works for Vilket/Vilken

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