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How do I change the mother language? Spanish from french instead of spanish from English. thank youu

December 3, 2014



I think you need to add it as a new course! On the Duolingo website, hold the mouse over the flag next to your profile pic, and your current course should pop up along with a choice to add a new course. Click on that, and add spanish from french. I don't think its possible to change it any other way, but I might be mistaken.. Hope this helps!


Hover over the flag in the menu bar next to your name and select "Add a new course." Near the tile for the German course, there is a drop-menu labeled "I speak: (English)." Change English to French and select the Spanish course.


I wish it helped, i'm already in level 8, i'm not gonna do a new course and start over.. but because I speak french and english i'm noticing spanish it's closer to french.. so I thought maybe I could switch the language in this level. but thank you for your help!! and good luck :)))


I get it, starting all over again would not be fun! I'm glad you are able continue with english even though spanish is closer:) Thanks! Good luck to you as well!! :))

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