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Issues with picture vocabulary exercises on mobile app

On exercises where you are shown a few pictures and asked to guess the translation, this seems to work well enough on the website because the English to be translated is also listed. However on the mobile app there is no text to help - you are left to guess purely from the pictures. While this is not a problem for easier examples or nouns, more complex words are almost impossible to guess.

I've noticed it more and more the last week or so - in just one exercise today I had to try and guess translations from pictures of: -two monkeys and a dog - la curiosidad (the curiosity) -people looking religious or up to the sky - la esperanza (the hope) -a dog, a wedding ring, and a couple holding hands on a beach - el amor (the love)

I'm doing Spanish on Android, not sure if this is purely linked to Spanish or just the Android app - does anyone else have similar issues?

I realise screen space is at a premium on the mobile apps but if there was some way for Duo to show us the English word needing translated it would be much appreciated and take the guessing element away.

December 3, 2014

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I had the same problem and was told it's a bug, and apparently should be fixed in the next update. See the reply here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5686930

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