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Strike issue


I was on approx. 40 day strike and went on a business trip which caused me to miss the 24:00 window to continue my streak. However I did one lesson before I went to sleep. In my opinion IT should count. Best regards and thanks for this great app.

July 10, 2013



Yeah, I has something similar occur when we went to disney recently. Might be nice to use the an algorithm more like the strength indicator rather than a dumb clock cutoff. Even if was as simple as losing half your streak per day of not practicing it would be better than loosing 100% by missing the window.


Hi there,

I currently ecperience that I loose my strike even though I learn every day. On the coin staks it even shows some every day, but my strike dropped back to 0 twice already. Any ideas why this might happen?


I had a 20 day strike and then i go on it today and all of it is gone and i did not miss any days out what the heck is wrong with this app i love it but the day streaks are totally wrong!!!!!


I guess I know what happens. Every time that I lost my strike, I was practicing about one hour before midnight. It seems to me that Duolingo is not using my local calendar (Central Europe Time) but some other calendar, so that my the practice that I do today before midnight, for Duolingo has been done the day after. But, watever the reason, this is totally discouraging for me.

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