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July 10, 2013

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Percival, where are you.

So, how i'd spoken, i wish shake your hand one day too. Do you know a program called "zello walk talk". It is the same a walk talk, but it use the internet. There is a chatroom called aprender ingles - brasil. It's good to listening and talking. I'm here to improve my writing.

hi man, finally I find this "new Friend", and for me it's simply terrific, gee ! I've never think in my life speak with other guy by internet, that sounds great !!!

Yes man I know this program called zello, I didn't know about the chatroom learn english, ok? fine, I just download this app to my mobilephone right, the only thing I need is your phone number is that right ? but I do not if I can to put my phone number here !!!!

Hey man, the first thing then i into here is see if you posted some talk to me. it seems great to me too. By the away, my nick name is danifel-carneiro and my picture is me, my wife and my soo in a swimpool, on zello. See you later.

hi! Danifel, How are you doing? I'm just fine, and I appreciate everything you have said, but we need start our learning, remember that?, I think that we can begin making correction on that we write each other!! gotta ya! I mean, discuss about some rules of this language. right?

are you there, right now.....

Oh yes. I agree to you. We could to start with the "continue present". For exemple "i have thought about my live" or "i've thought....." what do you say.

Aprenda um idioma em apenas 5 minutos por dia. De graça.