"Which book is yours?"

Translation:Vilken bok är din?

December 3, 2014

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Would anyone be able to explain the difference between ¨Vilken¨ and ¨Vilket¨?


"Vilken for en words, 'Vilket" for ett words.


What is the difference between "din" and "er"? I dont really get it...


din if it belongs to one person, er if it belongs to several people.


That's awesome, except Duo doesn't ever say in English if "your" is for one person or more than one person, so I have to guess if it's "er" or "din."


Yes, but in English if you want to specify more than one person, one only needs to throw in an extra word or two. Languages that have many "you-s" have all sorts of gramatical rules that go with each variant making learning complicated. All the endings that need changing etc.. We have it made.


So is en-words and ett-words alike english "an hour" is correct but "a hour" is wrong?


The English "a" or "an" is because of the next word: does it start with a vowel sound or not. The Swedish en or ett depend on the grammatical gender of the noun.


How do I know whether to use ditt or din?

"Which book is yours?" Vilken bok är din? "Which dog is yours?" Vilken hund är ditt?


"Din" is for en-words and "ditt" is for ett-words. "Vilken bok är din?" "Vilken hund är din?" "Vilket barn är ditt?" (What child is yours?) "Vilka barn är dina?" (Which children are yours?)


Thank you. I will seek to learn the differance between en-words and ett-words ( what that neans?)


When you learn a new noun, learn it with the article. So learn en man, ett hus and not just man, barn.


Is vilka only used for plural? I responded with Vilka bok är din?


I am wonder if verb place is not the second position? Vem är ...


Vilken bok is the subject here and takes up the first place, then the verb comes after that in second place. It works the same as in Den här boken är din ('This book is yours') or Den stora röda boken är din ('The big red book is yours'), the subject is expanded with additional words but it's still just one unit.


is din used as your and yours ?


"dins" would be completely wrong here right?


Vilken for en words and vilket for ett words... It seems like the Swedish is literally saying "the which", to be very specific about which item is being identified.


"Which book is yours?" In a sense that it belongs to you, or that you have written it (and maybe gave me a copy but I have to give it back)?


Why is "Vilket skärp är ditt" different than "Vilken bok är din" ???


Because it is ett skärp and en bok.

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